Spiritual Abundance

Card Deck, Workbook & Meditation

Limited quantity of bundles available.

The Spiritual Abundance Bundle

Limited edition Bundle


The Workbook

50 page digital workbook contains an abundance toolkit, deeper meanings of the cards, and lots of insight & guidance to ignite spiritual abundance in your life NOW. Use the workbook with a journal or notebook as a transformational tool.


Card Deck

This 44 card deck is designed to help you tune in to your next steps. Each card contains tips, and an affirmative statement. The companion workbook provides deeper meanings to each card as well as journal prompts to magnify their potency.



Download and listen to a powerful meditative experience for opening pathways to abundance. This meditation relaxes the mind and body, aligning you energetically to your desires, a key to accessing abundance.

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Claim Your Abundance Now

Is it time to release the struggle?

It is possible to ease into the grace of living life abundantly

  • Be present to the moment, not the limiting stories of the mind.
  • Trust in the unlimited flow beneath conscious awareness
  • Shift lack & limitation to receive true, spiritual, abundance.
  • Release fear to focus on the gifts of this magnificent universe.

**The workbook & Meditation are digital downloads, the card deck is a printed deck and ships out within 48 hours of your purchase.

My life transformed with these tools

I lived in fear for years; battling panic attacks & relentless anxiety. Uncertainty and doubt caused me to compromise my happiness for the false illusion of security of a paycheck.

Lack & scarcity kept repeating while I waited for something to save me.

Then the magic of this universe began to show up as doors opened and I received more than I could ever hope for.

Abundance is not measured by a bank account, body size, or a salary. Numbers don't touch the magic of the true spiritual abundance. Here, now, waiting for you to say YES to it~

Creator of Spiritual Abundance,

Melissa Kim Corter

This limited edition bundle contains multiple tools for discovering abundance & releasing blocks to receiving it.

Spiritual abundance is…

A copious supply ready for you to claim…

A great or plentiful amount…

Fullness and overflowing…


Do you feel like there is never enough? This is the program for you!

Become Your Best Self

Everyone is entitled to live a life of abundant health, prosperity, free of worry and filled with love. Discover Spiritual abundance and uncover what blocks you from receiving it